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These thoughts of mine.

brain dumps and assorted carp.

19 November 1977
28. Married. Working on the whole 'Married Life thing'

I work where 'the network is the computer', helping companies and government agencies get the most out of their disk storage solutions. I'm a graduate of Bentley College in Waltham, MA, and am entertaining the idea of going back for a graduate degree. I have an older brother (Gareth) and a younger sister (Danielle). My parents still reside in Claremont, NH. I love long rides on my Ducati. I also enjoy cooking, making messes, watching as much Alton Brown & CSI as T can handle, trying out new recipies, and sampling new foods when I get a chance.
My hobbies surround a few things: outdoors in new england, electronic gadgets, and general geekery. I also like hiking, skiing, fishing, kayaking, the Red Sox and the Patriots. I feel the need to travel more, and I often forget to return my library books.
I'm enjoying where I've gotten to, and know theres a whole lot further to go. I wish I was more creative, diciplined, and productive. I'm living in the sticks, hopeing to move to a place on a hill with some land.

'still making my own way in the world today... w/ a little help from my friends'

Miss you buddy, see you in another life, on another ride.